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Webman is a cost effective Web site generator and database manager with inbuilt search engine capability. With our software, you can allow visitors to build attractive Web sites instantly on your site without the need to know Html. The advantage is that you can set up a high traffic virtual community with enormous advertising benefits. If you have any questions about this service, please contact us.



Software Features:


  1. With our Web site generator, you can offer each registered user the facility to build and host a professional Web site on your server instantly.


  2. This software is designed to support thousands of users and their Web sites per database file. If each category of users is configured to be stored on a separate database file, the amount of Web sites that can be supported by our software is almost unlimited. ** Be prepared to order a Web server with lot and lot of disk space:-) **.


  3. Our software provides a secure registration and login procedure for all user members. Member status can be "Activated" or "Deactivated" by the Webmaster. Only the Web sites of active members are searchable by visitors. Webmaster has full control of all member accounts and Web sites.


  4. The contents of all member Web sites are stored on database files. Through a logon procedure, their contents can be updated by members.


  5. The software comes with a powerful search engine. Visitors can search member sites by category, specified search fields or keywords.


  6. The content and style of all user Web pages/sites stored in the database are controlled by Html templates which are updatable by the Webmaster. You can easily add Html codes, such as page header, footer, rotational banner, navigation bar, etc. to these templates. With an affordable fee, we can add additional templates for you.


  7. Each copy of our software comes with a set of sample clip arts and background musics. You can gradually build up your own library with additional images and clip arts.


  8. Each Web site generated by your members will be a powerful marketing tool for you. You can use them to advertise your sponsors as well as your own site.


  9. Our software has an optional feature to bill users by credit cards. If you turn this feature on, each member user once registered, will be directed to a 3rd-party secure payment server for online payment. As soon as the payment is approved, the user's account will be immediately activated with the correct expiry date. Your Webmaster will also be notified by e-mail at the same time.


  10. Each software purchase will be served professionally by our experienced staff. We will contact you to arrange a convenient time to configure and install the software on your server (via your FTP account). After installation, we will offer you up to 3 months of free technical support service.


  11. Software application: The application of this software is unlimited. You can use it to support almost any types of searchable customer / product databases where each listing in the database will have its own static Web site/page(s). Since the software is e-commerce enabled, you can use it to earn attractive incomes.



Important Points to Know:


The rotational banner program used by our demonstration is not part of this software.


Project Cost:


The cost of getting this software and all the necessary templates configured and installed on your server is approximately US$800. If you have any questions about this service, please feel free to contact us.


Minimum Web Server Requirements:


Run on Unix or Linux operating system; Provide full FTP access or Web space control panel with capacity to create directories, upload files and change file access modes; Support Perl and CGI scripts. No other database software required.




All of our Software Applications/Solutions are provided on a "As Is" basis. CNC Technology will not be liable ( nor responsible ) whatsoever for any direct or indirect damages caused by the use of our Software.




If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact us
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