Search Engine Plus
A powerful and affordable search engine CGI script



Note: Search Engine Plus is not part of our BizDB Web database software. It can be installed on itself alone. It is simply an upgrade version of our free Simple Search Engine software.


Software Features:


  1. A Web based search engine which can read flat ASCII database file (csv format) exported from software such as MS Excel and MS Access using tab, comma or the pipe (|) character as the field delimitor. (Need file conversion by our free "unquote-fields" utility first. Use "guest" as the login userid and password. Read our "README.txt" file for details.)


  2. Supports unlimited number of database fields. Normally each database file should not be greater than 2-3MB for optimum performance.


  3. All database fields are searchable. Both simple keywords search and multiple fields complex search (using "AND" operator) are supported. ( For a more sophisticated Web database solution, please consider our BizDB Advance version. BizDB Advance allows you to setup database applications with record addition, update, deletion and integrated image upload capabilities. )


  4. Supports multi-screen search reports. You can tell the software how many items are to be displayed on each screen of the search report. Items in the search report can be displayed under alternate background colors.


  5. Empty database field(s) (including the block of Html codes used to handle the associated fields) can be suppressed from displaying on the search report. This removes broken links when such empty fields (eg. image, URL and e-mail fields) are referenced.


  6. Can sort the search result in ascending or decending order based on any single database field selected by your user or specified by you.


  7. You can allow your user to "exclude" the display of certain category of records when searching the database.


  8. You have full control of your template layouts. You can decide which and where the fields are to be displayed on the search reports.


  9. Supports "GET" and "POST" CGI call methods. The "Post" method is suitable for FORM processing. With the "GET" method, you can execute CGI programs via a hyperlink (<a href=..>)


  10. Supports English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, German, French and many more language character sets via the setting of the "charset" parameter.


  11. Each order comes with a detailed installation procedure and users guide as well as a set of sample Html templates (as shown in our demo). Other than Perl, we don't need other software modules to run our Software.


  12. With some software changes (at additional cost, please contact us first), searched listings can be displayed on a "n x m" table (containing "m" columns) on the summary report (see demo here). Both the value of "n" and "m" can be configurable. If you have long database fields which are not required to be searchable, we can also help you to store them outside the search file. This will help you to speed up the search response time and to store more records on the search file.


  13. For each copy of the software licence, you are entitled to support unlimited number of database applications (you can duplicate as many copies of our cgi scripts as you like) on the same Web site (domain name). (Note: To support database applications on different Web sites, you still need a fully paid software licence on each Web site.)


  14. If you order now (limited time offer), you can download our latest releases for free (we add new features constantly) for the next 6 months.


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Note: Search Engine Plus is not part of our BizDB Web database software. It can be installed on itself alone. It is simply an upgrade version of our free Simple Search Engine software.



This Software is provided on a "As Is" basis. CNC Technology will not be liable ( nor responsible ) whatsoever for any direct or indirect damages caused by the use of this Software.







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