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Rebuild User Web Sites

This function is for use by the Webmaster only.
Please backup all files and subdirectories under the User Web Sites directories before executing this "Rebuild Web Sites" function. If you select "testing", then only those records with userids equal to "testSOMETHING" will be processed. We recommend you choosing "testing" first. If the result is OK, then proceed with "production run".
  Check for testing. Uncheck for production run.

Please specify which UserID you want to rebuild the Web site ( If you want to rebuild all Web sites of the database, leave this field blank. If you have the Test checkbox set, your UserID must be starting with "test", eg. "testUserAPage". ):

If you are doing a production run, we recommend that you rebuild your Web sites in blocks of 10, 50, or 100 depending on the capacity and performance of your server.
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