BizDB Turnkey Database Project Service - Introduction



If you want to install a searchable Web database application but you worry you don't have the time or experience to do it, our "BizDB Turnkey Project Service" is exactly designed to meet your needs.


Below are some benefits you can receive from us through the use of this service:


  1. We offer you a very cost-effective turnkey software licence, solution design and installation service.


  2. You will receive a life-time licence of our "BizDB Advance" Web database software.


  3. With the help of FTP access, we will install the software into your Unix or Linux based Web server.


  4. Based on your database specifications, we will setup all the interface Html templates and then install them into your server.


  5. We will test all the database, search and report functions to make sure they are working properly and reliably. If we are happy, we will handover the system to you for user acceptance. This period is normally 1-2 weeks. Once the system is accepted, you will have full confidence to use it for many years.


  6. We will continue to offer free technical support for the next 3 months to fix up any possible problems.


  7. We will also offer software maintenance and customization service (subject to our approval) at affordable rates.


What our service doesn't cover:


  1. Web page and web graphic designs. You must send a sample blank Web page to us containing the official page header, a navigation menu or navigation bar, a blank central area for general display purpose, and a page footer, so that we can use it to generate all necessary database templates.


  2. Development of new CGI and Javascript codes. All new codes requested to be developed will be charged at commercial rates.


Start-up Project Cost:


  1. The total project cost is US$680 based on the same design and setup as shown in our "BizDB Turnkey Database" demonstration which currently supports 20 user defined text fields, 6 thumbnail fields (optional), and 6 full size image fields (optional) per database records. You can seach and report any fields you like.


  2. If you have a different database, search and report requirements, please send your specifications to us for a detailed analysis. If the total number of text fields is less than 20, we will modify our configuration for you at no further cost; otherwise, we will give you a new quote.


Server System Requirements:


  1. Any Unix or Linux based Web server with full FTP or control panel access.


  2. Offers Perl and cgi-bin support. No other 3rd-party software required.




If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact us
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