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If your requirement is to install a Web database to offer registered members the opportunity to submit and administer multiple listings via a member area following a successful logon, please contact us first to get the "BizDB" and "Login Control" software customized. The next step is to setup two different databases, one for storing the member profile details, and the other for storing the listing information submitted by the members. There will be information retrieved and passed from the member database to the listing database when listings are created or updated by members.


As the installation process is quite sophisticated, we suggest that you contract the database project to us. Our cost (covered both the software licence and a full database software installation service) is around US$1,500 depending on your final requirements.


In order to assist you understanding the complexity of this type of projects, we are now listing the main installation steps and functions available:


  1. Possible applications - Job database, resume database, club database, real estate database, chamber of commerce database, ...


  2. Install a member profile database, such as an employer database, to store the account information of all employers. Each employer record must contain a userid, password, company name, plus some other optional information like contact addresses, expiry date, etc..


  3. Install a member listings database, such as a job database, to store the information of all jobs available. Each job record must contain a job id, the employer userid, job title, job category, plus some other job related information like job description, salary, work location, etc.. A number of key employer data can also be stored in the job records if required.


  4. All employers must register to the employer database first via a Web interfcae before they can login and submit new job listings.


  5. Each employer will be offered an unique userid and password to login to his own member area. Through this area, the employer can submit new job listings, display job listings submitted so far, as well as update and delete any of his job listings.


  6. Both the employer and job databases can be made searchable for all visitors.


  7. The Webmaster has full control of all records submitted to the databases. He can activate, deactivate or delete any database records. He can also change the expiry date of any employer record if required. When a member record is deleted, our software will check and delete all the listing records of that member as well.


  8. If you have a valid merchant account, we can configure our software to accept online payments. For real-time payments, we can also configure the software to calculate and extend the member expiry dates automatically.


  9. Software Requirements - a customized version of BizDB Advance and Login Control


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