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Software Summary: This CGI program is an add on utility of the BizDB Web database software. Its search engine allows any Web user to search your company (service provider) database and then send an e-mail message (eg. message for the inquiry of a particular product) to each of the companies selected from the search result. A shopping cart feature is included. Your user will be given the opportunity to preview the selected company records before sending out the inquiry message via e-mail.


Software Features:


  • Supports all search and report functions currently provided by the BizDB software.


  • Each user can perform multiple search requests on your BizDB database and then select the companies the user wants to contact from the search result. The company list is temporarily stored in a shopping cart so that it can be reviewed and updated easily. When the company list is ready, the user can send it to the server along with his contact information and the input message. The software in the server will then generate an inquiry e-mail to each of the companies on the list.


  • The message that appears on each of the inquiry e-mails can be either entered by the user himself at the time of building the request, or constructed from a standard message template pre-installed by the Webmaster.


  • All database fields, screen looks and report layouts are controlled by Html templates. You can modify the templates any time you like without affecting the operations of the production database.


  • This software when working with the BizDB Advance software will be a very useful productivity tool for small business managers who have the need to contact (via e-mail) a number of companies frequently for the purpose of product inquiry. If installed on a public domain database, it will be a powerful lead generator.


  • Applications - Almost any type of databases (such as jobs, properties and companies) for which the user is allowed to search for the interested information of the companies and then generate an inquiry request to the e-mail address of each of the selected companies. Also suitable for privately used Web sites.


  • BizDB Lead Generator Installation and User's Guide


  • BizDB Advance Demo



Demonstration - Please feel free to do testings!


  1. Add Company
  2. Edit / Delete / Show Company
  3. Search Companies & Generate Lead E-mails
  4. Batch Deletion of Records



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