Benefits of Using our BizDB Software



There are lot of benefits on using our BizDB Web database software. They are listed below:


  1. Low startup cost - as low as US$80 for BizDB Starter which is a fully operational database manager with built-in keywords search, reporting, record management and image upload functions

  2. Runs on any Unix and Linux O/S based Web servers
  3. Runs on its own - no other 3rd-party database software is required
  4. Flexible configurations - all database fields and Html templates are customizible by your Webmaster
  5. Easy to understand and install the software - a BizDB Installer and File Uploader will be provided, as well as a detailed user documentation; no CGI programming knowledge is required
  6. Excellent Technical Support - up to 1 hour of free e-mail advisory service will be provided on any installation related issues; professional software customization service is available at acceptable cost
  7. Numerous valuable Add Ons - allows you to add more advanced features (eg. our LoginControl add on can support powerful e-commerce features) to your database applications anytime you like as the complicity of your requirements grow
  8. Life-time software licence - no monthly fees
  9. Unrestricted use on the same Web site (domain name) - allows you to duplicate the cgi scripts and templates to support as many database applications as you like
  10. Ideal for majority of small business Web sites which have to publish a relatively small amount of database information, eg. a few thousand records per database file
  11. Excellent client satisfaction records - all inquires and technical questions will be answered within 2 working days
  12. If you are a software consultant or a Web developer, you have the opportunity to earn 10% of each sale of our software as your commission. Join our Affiliate Program Now!


Before making your decision to buy any Web database software, please spend a few minutes to ask yourself:


If you can answer all these questions, maybe one of our BizDB database software packages is just good enough for you.


If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact us
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"When I needed to get a database up and running in just a few days I turned to CNC Technology and their database products. Not only was my database online quickly but I have always received prompt service and support for the few questions I've had. The database is extremely easy to setup and use. I highly recommend that you purchase it." - J Nordstrom (Webmaster) ... more testimonials