JSCart Shopping Cart



JSCart is a Web based shopping cart software with database management features.


Software Features:


  1. JSCart can support thousands of products through a powerful database manager.


  2. Product records can be created, updated, searched and deleted via Web based interfaces. All records are password-protected.


  3. Up to 1 thumbnail and 5 full size images (gif or jpg format) can be attached to each product listed in the database.


  4. Based on the needs, you may specify up to 3 optional features for each product. A price (optional) could be attached to some product options such that if an option is selected, the price for the option could be added to the product's base price. A good example is to charge your customers for a delivery fee for some large size items.


  5. The software offers no limit on the number and types of database fields. New fields can be added easily.


  6. All fields are searchable. Products can be searched by category, date or keywords.


  7. The software offers easy-to-use "Search and Shop", "Review Cart" and "Check-Out" functions. Products in the shopping cart are each identified by a short description, a thumbnail size photo, the quantity ordered and the total price. An optional tax could be applied to the total price of products purchased.


  8. JSCart allows you to use one of the following Checkout options:


    1. Checkout via a 3rd-party commercial merchant account provider


    2. Checkout via your own secure server. Confirmation e-mails will be issued. The customer and credit card information will be logged on a searchable database located in a secure directory.


  9. Checkout Option One - At present our software has been programmed to use iTransact.com's RediCharge Internet payment service to accept real-time credit card payments. Order confirmation e-mails will be generated by the software of your merchant account provider. At a reasonable cost, we can also help you to link our software to other merchant account providers such as MultiCards.com and PayPal's Web Accept service. (Note: To use iTransact.com's service, you need to open a merchant account with iTransact.com separately.)


  10. Checkout Option Two - The customer's contact and credit card information will be collected by our software to generate the order confirmation e-mails (one to the customer himself and the other to the Webmaster). In addition, all customer and order details will be logged on an order database. The Webmaster can search, check and update the status of any order at any time. (Note: You need a secure server of your own in order to use this feature.)


Project Cost:


For US$800, you will receive this great software plus our professional installation service. We will match the current design and theme of your site. Minor software changes can be made available at US$70/Hour. Free technical support to fix any bugs or problems for the first 3 months after installation. Please send your detailed requirements to us for a free quote.


Minimum Server Requirements:


Unix or Linux Web server (virtual or dedicated). For accepting credit card information, a secured Web server is required. Full FTP access. Server must support CGI scripts and allow for dynamic creation and deletion of files and directories.




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